Tullys Domestic Appliances specializes in the service & sales of German appliances manufactures including:

Meile at Tullys
Seimens at Tullys
Hob Dishwasher Refrigeration
T46FD53X2 £75 S153HAX02G £75 KI7851FF0G £75
T48FD23X2 £100  S155HVX15G £75 KI7851SF0G £75
T56FD50X0 £100 S155HCX27G £75
58FD20X0 £100 S195HCX26G £75
T58FT20X0 £150 S187ECX23G £75
48CB1AX2 £150 S875HKX20G £75
Washing Machine Tumble Dryer Washer Dryer
WGG24409GB £100 WTH85222GB £100 WNA14490GB £125
WGG2449RGB £100 WQG233D8GB £125 WDU8H541GB £125
T56FD50X0 £100 WQG245S9GB £125 WDU8H549GB £125
WGG2440XGB £100 WQG245R9GB £125
WGG244A9GB £125
WGG244ARGB £125
WAV28EH3GB £125
WAV28EH3GB £125
WAX28EH1GB £150
Dishwasher Fridge Freezer, FDBM Single Oven
SMS2HVW66G £75 KGN362WDFG £100 HBS573BS0B £100
SMS2HVI66G £75 KGN362LDFG £100 HBS573BB0B £100
SMS6EDW02G £100 KGN39AWCTG £125 HRS574BS0B £100
WGG2440XGB £100 KGE49AWCAG £100
SMS8YCI03E £125 KGE49AICAG £100
SMV4HCX40G £100 KIN86NFF0G £100
SMV6ZCX01G £100 KIN86NSF0G £100
SMD6EDX57G £100 KIR81AFE0G £125
SMD6ZCX60G £125 GIN81AEF0G £125
SMD8YCX02G £150 KFN96APEAG £150

Bosch, Neff, Siemens and Miele appliances

If you live in any of the following postcodes and need a repair, please get in touch.

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At Tullys, their product knowledge is comprehensive and they’re very helpful.

These days, it’s rare to find someone so knowledgeable and not just a salesperson.

Mr L. Sondack
Thanks for the time you spent researching products and pricing so we got exactly what we needed.

Please pass on our thanks to your delivery team who were both helpful and efficient.

Mr & Mrs Mukherji, Enfield
Thank you again for years and years of amazing reliable service.

You are the BEST!

Mrs Wise, Properties NW London
Thank you for your help, throughout the ordering process, of our new kitchen appliances.

You were always very responsive, with quick and informative answers to all our questions.

The guys who managed the installation did a good job too. I can’t believe many companies could improve on the service you offer, not even John Lewis!

Mr Cooper