Refrigeration & Wine Coolers

Fridges, freezers and fridge freezers are a necessity in today’s lives. Whether choosing integrated or freestanding there’s numerous amount of sizes, splits and colours to suit everyone’s needs.

Wine coolers also come in several sizes and zone temperatures. Ideal for storing soft drinks to beautiful wines & champagnes.

We trust Liebherr for refrigeration and wine conditioning.

Integrated fridges, freezers and fridge freezers are built into a unit and have a furniture door on the front.

Sizes are more limited with integrated appliances and if you are replacing an integrated appliance we would always recommend carefully measuring up or getting a member of our team round to measure up.

Check whether you have a fixed ‘door on door’ hinge system (pictured left) or hinges are on the cabinet (sliding hinge system, pictured right).
Integrated fridge freezers come in a number of different splits and are also available in frost free, low frost and manual defrost.

Freestanding means the appliance sits on the floor and isn’t covered by a furniture door.

They come in a few different colours and sizes. You can get fridges, freezers and fridge freezers with water, ice or both. Frost free, low frost or manual defrost there is a lot to choose from.


Auto defrost relates to the fridge only.

The back-panel freezes cools the fridge. When this gets down to temperature, the back panel defrosts. Water drips down the back and through the drain hole.

Frost-free & no frost relates to the freezer.

As the freezer freezes, you do not get ice build-up. With frost-free, food does not get freezer burn. Food stays fresher for longer and does not get ice build-up. So no defrosting, as it handles it automatically.

Low frost relates to the freezer.

Usually associated with Bosch & Siemens, the appliance has internal cooling elements within the cabinet sides and back. Although frost builds up, ice is very minimal, as there are no visible cooling elements, at first glance in side.

Manual defrost freezers have internal cooling elements that freeze the internal cabinet.

Positioned above and below the drawers, after time you’ll need to defrost the appliance, as the ice builds up.